Chili Peppers

When the night comes,

You lie beside the woman you love,

Still, your heart’s aching.

Go to the kitchen and

Find some chili peppers

I’m sure, you could at least

Get the most ordinary ones

Who are named, sometimes by place

Sometimes by shape, or by the sound

Of their original callings

And sometimes by certain

Fatally fancy ladies

Put some sea salt on your tongue

Chew the entire Paprika

Whose seeds will fill between your teeth.

Add a spoonful mashed Pili-Pili,

Suck a tube of Harissa from Tunisia.

It doesn’t matter, where is Cayenne

Just lay those powders on the back of your hand,

And sniff the whole Latin America!

Then, you could afford to shake with pain.

Your eyes will be burning with water.

It will fall down, for a better reason

Than a proud heart broken.